Embrace Your Imperfections: A Handbook to Rock Motherhood and Beyond


Welcome to "YOU Got This Mom," a heartfelt guide dedicated to every woman out there who is trying to do her very best; embracing her amazing self to create a beautiful life. This book is not just for moms; it is for every woman seeking to get stronger, own her power, and shine her light on herself and others. It is your ultimate handbook, designed to empower you with practical exercises and Manali's insights from her 20+ years of coaching experience and her own mom's journey. It's all about boosting your self-confidence, embracing your imperfections, and accepting yourself just as you are – your goddess self.

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“You Got This Mom” is the compassionate pep talk every woman needs. ❤️ This book showed up in my life at the exact time I needed it. As someone who is getting ready to begin my journey into motherhood, I have a lot of fears and anxieties around becoming a new mom. This book felt like a gentle hug, offering reassurance and hope. It was a beautiful reminder that we get to define what motherhood means for us, and we don’t have to be “perfect” to be a good mom. I especially loved the journal prompts and introspection questions at the end of each chapter. I’m so grateful I found this short, sweet, compassionate book and it’s one that I will return to again and again.


I'm so grateful my friend recommended this book to me as it's a welcome addition to my self-help journey. Moms and simply all women with nurturing hearts will feel the love from this sweet little book as Manali reminds them they matter. YOU Got This Mom was a pleasure to read. I will read it again and again as it's packed with so many useful self care tips, including how to take mindful breaks and energy management. Must read:)

Cristie Vito

This is a must read for every woman, whether a mother or not, along their journey of self discovery and acceptance. As women we often prioritize every one else before our own needs and tend to feel guilty or selfish at even the thought of falling short in any capacity, especially as mothers. This guide book invites women to embrace their perfect imperfections through journaling and meditation; a process of empowering self acceptance. Thank you Manali for sharing your wisdom, teachings and tips!

Amazon Customer

In a world where motherhood can often feel overwhelming and challenging, YOU Got This Mom, offers a quick read for busy Moms with some very practical and useful tips. One of the most resonating aspects of the book is the central message that we are all imperfectly perfect. It’s a mantra that holds the power to transform how moms view themselves and their roles. This message resonates deeply, reminding readers that self-love and self-care are not only important, but essential in the journey of motherhood. Kudos to this wonderful self-help handbook.

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Manali Haridas belongs to the beautiful city of Mumbai in India. Manali is a mother of a lovely 21-year-old daughter and is the Owner and Spiritual Wellness Coach of Zen for You by profession.

She is a Certified Nutritionist/ Naturotherapist, Personal trainer, Certified Yoga instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, and a Motivational Speaker with extensive experience in the field of clinical, sports, and holistic nutrition, fitness, healing, and speaking engagements.