An Open Letter to Anyone Who Wants to Increase Self-Confidence

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If you would like to rapidly improve your mood, energy and self-confidence, this is going to the most exciting message you’ve read this year.

Here is why: my name is Manali Haridas and, sometime ago, I felt stuck and exhausted. We were in lock-down and I needed to find a new place to live. Actually, I wasn’t stuck, I felt my life was outside my control.

Then, one day, I came up with a simple idea about how to readjust myself with certain kinds of daily rituals that made me feel rejuvenated with renewed sense of purpose and self-confidence.

So let me ask, do you compare yourself to others only to feel like you’re just not good enough?

Or do you believe quite simply that you’re not worthy of being happy?

If so, you can use my “simple system” to massively boost your confidence and self-worth in 7 days…that is of course if you follow all of the daily steps.


What would you accomplish if this area of your life was running at optimal levels?

Imagine waking up every morning feeling:

  • Self-love, acceptance and a desire for life
  • Accountable and focused on your goals
  • A sense of purpose and mission
  • Positive and thankful for you overall wellbeing

All the things and more are possible...if you know the right techniques and when to use them.

The 7-Day Self-Worth Booster is a mini course that will give you the tools and a proven method to start making this a reality for yourself. It’s the perfect system to rapidly build your self-worth, release self-doubts and have a deeper understanding of how your old patterns impact you.

In this course you will learn:

  • Barriers to self-worth
  • How to train your inner voice to stay more optimistic
  • Reset your self-limiting beliefs
  • 7-day plan for deeper self-connection & self-confidence
  • Journaling activities
  • Self-help worksheets
  • Guided Meditation

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